Best Way to Park

Dixie Hwy can be a busy highway. So the best way to enter the driveway is to back into the driveway. The easiest way to do this is to approach the house from the West. If you are approaching the house from the East then drive past the house and use either the party store, bar (closed so lot is empty), or the DNR site to "loop around". Now you are approaching the house from the West (#1).

As you approach the house (#1), you will want to pass the driveway and pull off the road onto the "grassy" margin of the road (#2). The margin of the road is very wide. Now you can easily back into the driveway (#3) without the stress of the road traffic. If you have two boats with transports then you can either stack them on the driveway (#3)or park them side by side (#4) by parking one boat on the grass next to the driveway.


8048 Dixie Hwy, Fair Haven, MI 48023 // Cliff Belleau 586.549.0583